Jack Cusumano

What I’m Working On: The Playground


This is a brand new IP I’m developing for my KillerPOP Comics lineup. I seem to have unintentionally developed a theme of creating child characters who get into entirely age-inappropriate situations (ie. somewhat unmarketable properties). First there was Momo & Friends, which places gradeschool aged Momo in a College setting (with all the hijinks that come along with it), and now I’m developing The Playground, which centers around a tribe of kids living out the post-apocalypse in – you guessed it – a playground. I won’t say any more yet, but the debut Playground comic will be coming out after the release of Momo Begins. While my other two comic series, Momo & Friends and RAD RAZ, are humor based, this will actually have more of a focus on action. The humor will come from the inherent irony of kids getting into these situations that would typically be reserved for adult characters. Stay tuned for more updates, but in the meantime, check out the designs of the main characters.



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