Jack Cusumano

Studio Spotlight: Imajimation
May 15, 2009, 11:37 pm
Filed under: Cartoonies, video

I had never heard of Imajimation before today, but I stumbled upon them while researching the work of some character designers I admire. I’m glad I found them, because they have an amazing sense of style that really stands out from a lot of other work on the market. I found this project, a web series called Blokhedz, to be my favorite piece of theirs. The visual aesthetic is somewhere between The Boondocks and a Saturday morning action cartoon, with a lot of love put into the details. Character designs are sharp and memorable, backgrounds reflect a rich, grungy urban future (or alternate reality), and the whole fusion of an urban setting with some mystical/magical elements works very well. I can totally see this as a running series on TV, maybe alongside another quality action show like Ben 10, providing some much-needed cultural diversity that’s so hard to find in the sci-fi/action genre.

Beyond this they’ve done some other solid work – a superhero inspired animation for Toni Braxton, an epic animated music video for R Kelly and a clever short film called “Hazel’s Hips.” All in all, great stuff. I will definitely keep an eye on them in the future.


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