Jack Cusumano

Artist Spotlight: Kehinde Wiley


So this isn’t exactly breaking news – Kehinde Wiley has been making a big splash in the art world for years now – but he’s still my favorite contemporary painter, and still going strong. As an art major, I appreciate both the classical technique and historical iconography that goes into these paintings, as well as the way he pulls them into the post-(post?)-modern present by focusing on young, black urban subjects. It’s not just a flat, mechanical exercise in traditionalist technique, either – he has a tremendous command of color, incorporating gorgeous, vibrant color schemes from contemporary culture. If you have a chance to see these works in person (which I have not), you will also remark at their imposing size (some are as wide as 300 inches across). All of these elements combine to transform what could have easily been a shallow, one-dimensional gimmick into a remarkably relevant and utterly elegant statement.

Visit Kehinde’s Website


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i know you and thom love him, and so does the brooklyn museum right now, but i fuckin hate that guy.

Comment by christianbeforechruch

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