Jack Cusumano

Design-A-Day: Barista
August 11, 2009, 12:35 am
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I was just drinking and thinking about coffee (one of my favorite things on Earth), and I decided to draw a Barista. This got me thinking, though: why don’t I try to draw a new character every day and post it to my blog? Since I’m trying to network and land a character design job at an animation studio, why don’t I warm up by drawing a completely original character every day until I get hired? It certainly couldn’t hurt. It might also take my mind off of the stress of searching for jobs and waiting for responses from employers. More importantly, it should help show my stylistic versatility.

Here I tried to draw something in a very traditional, mainstream television animation style, as my portfolio has been criticized in the past for not looking enough like what’s on TV right now. Of course, my concern with going too mainstream is that I have also been told that having a distinct, identifiable style is a very valuable asset, and I should always work to create my own brand identity that way. Anywho, stay tuned for more, as I like this idea right now.

-Jack Cusumano


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Hey Jack, cool work, wish you good luck with the work!

Comment by morena

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