Jack Cusumano

Cartoon Network Greenlights New Cartoons


Cartoon Network just greenlit two brand new shows – and what’s more, they’re actually cartoons! Regular Show was created by JG Quintel (you may recognize him as one of the writers of Flapjack) and will be produced in Burbank, CA. The other, Horrorbots, is being co-executive produced by Christy Karacas (from the fantastic Adult Swim show, Superjail), and will be produced in New York.

Know now, readers, that at this moment my mission in life is to land on the production staff of Regular Show (or, at the very least, the newly ordered truckload of Flapjack episodes) in Burbank. We’re gonna make this happen, folks. I’ll be holding a bake sale later this week.

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-Jack Cusumano


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