Jack Cusumano

Sketchbook: Bangs

Here’s another sketch I did of that Bangs character. I’m really digging her – think I’ll keep messing around with the design.

Also, thank you whoever put my Richard Dunn sketch up on StumbleUpon (although why didn’t you go for the colorized version?) I’ve had a steady stream of viewers from that today.

Also, you will be happy to know that people continue finding my blog by searching for “bacon drawing” (or similar phrases related to bacon and drawing). Literally every day for the past couple days someone has reached my site via bacon related search.



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So Steve Silver came to USC last night and lectured and it was so great! He shows us a million of his drawings and talked about his process for character design, so it was really inspirational. I also didn’t know that he’s completely self trained (as in he’s never been to art school)! Anyway, if you’re still thinking about taking his class, I think it’ll probably be pretty awesome.

Comment by zeezeecakes

It’s definitely still on my goals list, it’s just a matter of saving up the money. That’s interesting and encouraging to hear that he is self-taught.

Comment by jackiecous

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