Jack Cusumano

Andrew W.K. Illustration for Sundae

Here’s a brand new illustration of Andrew W.K. that I just did for an editorial in the upcoming issue of Sundae Magazine. Judging by the interest in my last AWK drawing, I thought I’d share it with you.



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Andrew W.K……approves?

Comment by Anthony

Props, but it DOES kinda look like you just punched Michael Jackson in the face.

Comment by Jason

@Jason: A valid assessment.

@Anthony: Yeah, I can’t tell. For the record, I wanted it to look kind of surreal and doe-like (extra big eyes and such) – thought it would be a humorous contrast to how gritty and raw the actual photograph is.

Comment by jackiecous

Click on link in bizarre AWK tweet: find picture by friend of a friend who I’ve never met, but who I was friends with on DeviantArt 10 (or so) years ago and who probably doesn’t remember that he was on DeviantArt 10 (or so) years ago.

I took a look at the first pic you did and I saw it before, but didn’t realize this was you. If I did, I probably would have posted this then. Then today I would have posted “oh hey, didn’t think I’d find myself here looking at Andrew WK art AGAIN!” Although I might have posted something different depending on how you responded (or didn’t respond).

Comment by Jay

@Jay: It’s a small world! I do remember having a DeviantArt account 10 years ago, although I’d probably like to forget most of the content I posted to it. I’m sure it’s still on the webs, so if anyone is a fan of poor art, by all means go and seek that out!

I kid, but seriously I would probably cringe looking at my artwork from high school & early college.

Now I’m wondering who you are + what mutual we had in common, but that’s probably not a comment section conversation… But as your name is Jay, I would guess maybe you knew a certain gentleman from Melbourne, FL (and that you and I are already Facebook friends). Unless you’re not THAT Jay.

Comment by jackiecous


Oh! I want say that I’ve always loved your art. Even that horrible stuff you were posting years ago.

Comment by Jay

Thanks! Much appreciated! Hey, tell that gentleman from Melbourne I said hi if you talk to him soon.

Comment by jackiecous

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