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Best Show Animated

Hey all! I’ve been so caught up in the RAZ comics lately that I haven’t done any animation (aside from my day jobs) in a while. I decided to animate some audio from my favorite radio show, The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling, in order to get the ball rolling again.

Got a couple seconds of test footage, but I’m not gonna share the footage until it’s all completed. In the meantime, here’s the first screenshot of Tom in the studio!

If you’ve not listened to The Best Show before, please do so post haste. It’s as easy as downloading the podcasts on iTunes. There’s even a “Best Show Gems” podcast with the best of the Scharpling & Wurster comedy bits.



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Hi Jack,
My name is Dan, and I have a wordpress blog for my original animations and drawings, all of which falls firmly under the geek category. I’m trying to get a little network of like-minded geeky (fun-geeky, not mean-geeky) wordpressers together.
I see that we’re into a lot of the same stuff, and I dig your site (your art is seriously fantastic). So I wonder if you’d like to share links?
Check out my blog and let me know.

Comment by rawrmaster

Hey Dan! Thanks for the comment – Sorry for the delayed response, I’ve been crazy busy and haven’t checked my blog much. I’ll see if I can throw together a spotlight post on your blog soon to send some readers your way!

Comment by jackiecous

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