Jack Cusumano

Lemongrab Painting

Here’s the latest in my series of Adventure Time Season 3 character paintings. This is from the episode “Too Young”, which will air tomorrow on Cartoon Network.



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I love this picture. The funny thing is that it’s actually better than the Lemon Grab made by the Adventure Time artist/s. Your Lemon Grab is bacicly an HD version of the original with an even more cartoony style to it =D. You actually included fantastic lighting and detail. Great job, keep up the good work!

Comment by PlagueX

Thanks for the kind words! I don’t really think it’s better, they just have to keep things simpler if they’re going to be animated, and have to make sure everything matches the established style of the show. The artists on Adventure Time are super talented, and I love the character designs on that show. I’m just having some fun with those designs.

Comment by jackiecous

Perfect likeness! I can hear him shrieking!

Comment by xantojones

this is awesome! do you mind if I use this for my mixtape cover? i’ll give you credit and everything.

Comment by Jrue

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