Jack Cusumano

Tiny Jackie Talk Show

Check out this cartoon I made! It stars: Jackie Buscarino (Flapjack, Adventure Time), Abed Gheith (Channel 101), Justin Roiland (Fishhooks, Adventure Time), Pen Ward (Adventure Time), Thurop Van Orman (Flapjack) and Eric Bauza (Superjail). It also features music by Baby Talk and Alligator Indian.

It was submitted as a pilot to the September 2011 screening of Channel 101, but was rejected by the panel, so here it is anyway!

It was a blast making this, and I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to make it with.



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Aw too bad! Pen is awesome. My friend does the Intimate Indiscretions episodes, which I also love. You guys should try again!

Comment by zeezeecakes

Wait, really? Small world! That’s a great show. If you’re talking about Paul, I met him at one of the screenings a couple months ago. PS: the Halloween screening is this weekend! Should be awesome! And I’ll definitely submit more pilots, but not until January.

Comment by jackiecous

Sadly I couldn’t go! I know Paul but my friend Davey (the scientist/cat) performs in them. He’s actually how I met Pen. Anyway, hopefully I’ll get to another screening soon…

Comment by zeezeecakes

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