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Waking Sleeping Beauty Trailer

I must see this movie.



Toy Story 3 Teaser
June 2, 2009, 11:50 pm
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If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a teaser for Toy Story 3 up at Apple’s website. Not any actual footage from the movie, but it’s a cute little short involving the characters.

Watch the Toy Story 3 Teaser


First Trailer for Disney’s Princess and the Frog


After a history of timeless classic animated features, Disney kind of fell their game in the late ’90s. After The Lion King, it seemed like nothing they put out could live up to the astronomical expectations set by previous classics. Was it poor storytelling, flat characters, had we been spoiled by too many great films, or had the trick just gotten old? Who knows, but in the meantime Pixar has stepped up to the plate and deftly filled the niche Disney’s 2D flicks used to dominate. Now, Disney’s back with their first 2D feature since, hmm, was it Lilo & Stitch? And it’s not just any old 2D animated story: they’re billing it as a true spiritual successor to their most classic films, the fairy-tale inspired fare like Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and The Lion King. Not only that, but they’re breaking a milestone. This is the first Disney animated film to feature a black princess (can anyone believe it took them this long, by the way?).

Anyhow, forgive my skeptical self for not yet being convinced of this film’s greatness after watching the trailer, but I’m still tentatively hopeful. I will say on the positive side that the visuals are fantastic. I will always love 2D animation, and will always prefer it to 3D, and I’m glad to see a crisp, bold, HD update to that 2D feature film look. 2D, like stop-motion, gives you a unique look that you just can’t replace altogether – it will always have its uses. Now Disney just has to prove to me that the story and characters live up to the classics in their vault, a trick they haven’t been able to pull off in at least a decade. Fingers crossed!

Watch the trailer at Apple Movie Trailers.

And if you’re wondering about the screenshot: that’s my favorite frame of the trailer. Love that freaky character design, and that purple-green combo is one of my favorites. Just don’t ask me why he has ectoplasm on his hands.