Jack Cusumano

Sloth Dude Revisted: Full Color

Here’s a full color version of that re-designed sloth character. Much more cartoony – sort of a Cartoon Network feel to it, in fact. I’ll color in a few more of the poses and expressions soon!

For reference, again, here’s my original concept art for this character.



Sketchbook: Sloth Dude Revisited
July 5, 2010, 1:48 am
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Remember a couple months ago when I posted this guitar-slingin’ “Sloth Dude”? Well, he’s back, but looking a little different. These are some doodles I did today of the character, but with a much more cartoony, stylized look (and he was already pretty cartoony to begin with). I was just playing around with some goofy expressions and emotions, and I really like the results. Stick around for full-color versions.


Sloth Dude
February 9, 2010, 8:46 pm
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Hey guys, been a little busy with my day job and some freelance storyboarding, but I took a little time today to do some character sketching. This little dude is a sloth, which is the coolest animal around.

I figured I would show a little bit of my process for this one, rather than just posting a fully colored, polished up, vectorized illustration.