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Grandma’s Virginity Podcast Art

Hey all! Here’s some more of the news I’ve been saving – I did some artwork for Grandma’s Virginity Podcast! It’s a hilarious podcast featuring Channel 101 favorites Justin Roiland and Ryan Ridley (happy b-day, Ryan), along with Jackie Buscarino (who you may now from her work on Chowder and Flapjack).

Well… the artwork is featured on the latest episode of GVP, which is currently available in the iTunes Store for free! It features Jen Kirkman, one of my absolute favorite comedians. I’m so excited that my artwork was used for this episode! Also psyched to see her Jen Kirkman Talk Show this month!

If you want to find out more about GVP, visit their facebook at pigsarepeople.com.



Googy Doodle!

Hey guys! If you haven’t seen the magic that is Googy (a current “prime time” show on Channel 101), you’re really missing out. It’s pretty fantastic. I had the good fortune of helping out on the latest episode (episode 3), and I just threw together this doodle tonight while thinking about the show.

Oh, and here are a couple of the props I built for the show: a giant piece of bacon and a dog with sunglasses. Look for them in the episode!

Cult 106!

Here’s a little drawing I did of myself and my other animation artist roommates, Nico Colaeo, Tara Billinger and Kali Fontecchio. Together we are: Cult 106!


Still More RAD RAZ Backgrounds

Here’s some background art from today’s brand new RAD RAZ comic, “High Dive”. Read the full comic on Dumm Comics!


More RAZ Backgrounds, Character Art

New RAD RAZ Comic
December 18, 2010, 1:51 pm
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Today’s Saturday, so you know what that means: a brand new RAD RAZ comic on Dumm Comics. This one is sort of a throw-back to the old 3 panel jokes I used to do with the original run of RAZ comics back in 2007-2008. People have been asking for a return to these simple, quick jokes where RAZ does something really over the top and outrageous and maintains a deadpan expression throughout. Well, I’m throwing you a bone, folks! But I’m not naive enough to believe that I can please everyone all the time, so it’s back to the longer format again for next week’s comic!

PS: Next week is the RAD RAZ Christmas Special!


New RAD RAZ Comic!

The people have spoken, and the consensus is: “What?” Love it or hate it, there is a new RAD RAZ comic on the fabulous Dumm Comics today!