Jack Cusumano

April Channel 101 Contributions

I helped out with a handful of Channel 101 projects this past month, including episode 4 of the fantastic Googy! I play a partying cowboy! I also did effects and compositing for this month’s episode of Everything (the segment by Kali Fontecchio). Not only that, but I did effects and compositing for Nico Colaleo’s short Drive-Thru Confessions. It didn’t quite make it in to the screening, but you can still watch it online! It features a bunch of fantastic folks, like Abed Gheith, Scott Gairdner, Eric Bauza, Matt Danner, Myke Chilian and Kali Fontecchio!

Check ’em all out! More fun news coming real soon!


Cult 106!

Here’s a little drawing I did of myself and my other animation artist roommates, Nico Colaeo, Tara Billinger and Kali Fontecchio. Together we are: Cult 106!


Nico, Kali & JiJi: Family Portrait!

Hey all! I have been quiet for a while, mostly because a lot of the new work I’m doing is not really stuff I can talk about or share (yet).

I got bored yesterday, though, and drew this picture of buds Nico, Kali & JiJi! Colored it in today, and here it is! Enjoy! Now back to work.