Jack Cusumano

Skull-O Sideview

Here, have yet another. Now time to watch Tim & Eric Season Cinco.



Doom Turnaround


Here’s a turnaround I just did for that Doom character I came up with for my Design-A-Day project. She’s pretty cute, so I thought she deserved a little more attention. Kind of an homage to the artwork in Grim Fandango (and the lucha/matador themed stage in Psychonauts, as well) with my own personal style mixed in.

-Jack Cusumano

Design-A-Day: Doom-N-Gloom


A lot of people look at the world today and all they see is doom and gloom. I tend to look on the bright side, but this little character seems to think otherwise. More new designs coming up daily!

-Jack Cusumano