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Sundae Magazine: July 2010 Issue

The issue is done! As usual, I did the layout & illustrations (including one of Andrew W.K. on page 30) and an original comic in the back of the issue. In this issue I also wrote the piece on Best Coast (thanks to Bethany, who made time for an interview with us) and a second round of “Two Step: Two Ingredient Recipes” (this time featuring radlers, horchata con ron, and pernod + mineral water).

Check out this and our past issues at Sundae Mag. Now to get to work on the August issue.



Bangs + Ice Cream

YES I’m still alive, ya bums! I’ve been busting my ass on Sundae Magazine, which has been a lot of fun! The good news is, as another issue is right around the corner, so is a new episode of BANGS! That’s right, BANGS, the comic featured in the back of each issue of Sundae Mag. And this is the best one yet! Plus, Ice Cream is back!

I bet you can’t guess what’s going to happen – know why? I selectively altered the one minor detail on this image that would have given away the theme of the comic. So there.

Also look forward to: my interview with The Happy Hollows, which consists of both a written feature (with photos by Mariella Morton) and a video of outtakes + highlights (shot and edited by myself!).


BANGS Poster:
April 5, 2010, 11:43 pm
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Want one of these lovely BANGS posters? Oh, sorry – I’m just doing a limited run for a special event that Sundae Magazine is sponsoring in Savannah, GA. Hmm, I really need to open up an Etsy, though…