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Threepwood Returns!


If you frequent the internets, particularly the geekier corners of blog comment sections, you might have seen me post something along the lines of, “The only thing George Lucas is good for is signing the check for a new Monkey Island game.” Well, looks like he got the message! And he’s doing one better – we’re not only getting brand new episodic Monkey Island adventures for the Wii from Telltale games in the form of Tales of Monkey Island, but we’re getting a totally re-polished version of the original Secret of Monkey Island for the Xbox 360. That includes brand new art/graphics and full voice-over. Thank you George Lucas. Now where’s my Monkey Island movie? Oh, that’s right – that was the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

*UPDATE* – Wow, just saw the first images from the game, and I gotta call party-foul on the Guybrush goatee. I know he had some facial hair in the second game, but it’s not the ’90s anymore. Luckyily I’m so thrilled to have anything new from the Monkey Island universe that I will try to overlook this.

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Is This the Follow-up to Shadow of The Colossus?
May 21, 2009, 2:21 am
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This footage just leaked, and is supposedly from an upcoming PS3 project by the team behind ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. Full disclosure: I have not played ICO, but I most definitely played Shadow of the Colossus, which was one of the most gorgeous, sophisticated and emotionally engaging games of the previous console generation. Watching this, I get the same goose-bump-inducing feelings of wonder and awe elicited by SOTC, and find it easy to believe this is its successor. If not, it still looks fantastic – but everything about this screams ICO/SOTC. I can imagine the groundbreaking gameplay that traveling around with this giant creature companion would create; it’s an excellent set up for some really clever, engaging and potentially massive puzzles. I can also imagine the player will no doubt become quite attached to this griffon-esque beast by the end of it all, much like many players felt for their horse in SOTC (or even in Ocarina of Time). I’m a major proponent of games as an art form, and you really needn’t look further than to this team’s work to become a believer yourself.


New Brutal Legend Art


In the world of gaming, Tim Schafer is a legend. Hell, I grew up playing Schafer’s games – from the Monkey Island series to Day of the Tentacle, then later masterpieces like Grim Fandango and Psychonauts. Between the absurdist writing in these games and my appetite for Calvin & Hobbes and Ren & Stimpy, my warped, ’90s sense of humor was nurtured into what it is today. Naturally, anything coming out of Tim’s Double Fine studios is on my radar, and I have been psyched about Brutal Legend for a while. Now we seem to be getting regular updates, mainly batches of gorgeous screens like these (via Kotaku). Schafer’s games have always had a strong sense of bold, visual style, and these screens are no exception. Reminds me of the aesthetics in those late-night MTV cartoons of the ’90s, like The Maxx. Oh, and voice acting by Jack Black can’t hurt, either. Check out more after the jump. Continue reading