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More Slothy Goodness
July 5, 2010, 12:53 pm
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Here are some more of those sloth poses colored in.


Sloth Dude Revisted: Full Color

Here’s a full color version of that re-designed sloth character. Much more cartoony – sort of a Cartoon Network feel to it, in fact. I’ll color in a few more of the poses and expressions soon!

For reference, again, here’s my original concept art for this character.


Sundae Magazine: July 2010 Issue

The issue is done! As usual, I did the layout & illustrations (including one of Andrew W.K. on page 30) and an original comic in the back of the issue. In this issue I also wrote the piece on Best Coast (thanks to Bethany, who made time for an interview with us) and a second round of “Two Step: Two Ingredient Recipes” (this time featuring radlers, horchata con ron, and pernod + mineral water).

Check out this and our past issues at Sundae Mag. Now to get to work on the August issue.


Sundae Magazine: June Issue

The new June issue of Sundae Magazine is online here, and it features original illustrations and layout by yours truly. Know what else it features? A brand new Bangs comic, of course! It’s on page 31, but flip through the rest of it, too! It’s free, by the way, and if you have an Android phone you can view it in the Issuu app on the go!

Oh, and did I mention I interviewed LA noise pop band the Happy Hollows? The story’s on page 8, but you can watch a video of the outtakes on our Vimeo account! The video was shot & edited by me, including the graphics/titles. Sarah, Charlie and Chris are swell people who make great music, so please check out their album Spells if you haven’t yet.


Sketchbook: Hero
March 21, 2010, 10:09 pm
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Sketchos for Blogohs.


Skull-O Sideview

Here, have yet another. Now time to watch Tim & Eric Season Cinco.


Skull-O 2

Here, have another.