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RAD RAZ New Character, New Backgrounds

Here’s the latest addition to the cast of the RAD RAZ webcomic on Dumm Comics: Mayor McMuscles. He’s new to the office, and ready to take out the trash in Jumbo City – ie. RAZ. He’s passionate (loud), has a tough, no-nonsense philosophy, and is really muscle-y, but his dim wits might not be a match for RAZ’s scheming mind.

And here are some backgrounds from the latest strip, “Mayor May Not“.

Still More RAD RAZ Backgrounds

Here’s some background art from today’s brand new RAD RAZ comic, “High Dive”. Read the full comic on Dumm Comics!


More RAZ Backgrounds, Character Art

The Background Art of RAD RAZ

If you’ve been reading RAD RAZ over at Dumm Comics lately, you’ve noticed the series of one-panel arrest gags. Part of the reason I’ve been doing this is to save a little time – I’ve been doing character, prop and background design on a show the past few weeks during the days. The other reason, though, was to really focus on making some nice backgrounds, and letting them steal the show away from the characters.

Here are some of the backgrounds that resulted from this little experiment, with all the distracting characters and word bubbles removed. Enjoy!


RAZ Comic Backgrounds
January 10, 2011, 12:46 am
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Hi all! I have been crazy busy moving to a new city and new apartment, as well as starting a fun new job, so I’ve hardly had time to sleep, let alone draw.

However, I’ve been working on new RAD RAZ comics this weekend, so I might as well share a bit of the artwork. Have fun trying to guess the joke (you never will) based on just the backgrounds. These actually look a bit different, color and lighting wise, in the final, but I like these raw, bright vectors, too.


Secret Comic Preview

You might recognize these two youngsters from an earlier post of mine. Well, I’ve actually finished the comic now, so you can see the final panel with the painted background, word bubbles, etc. Oh, but no words. Because it’s still a secret comic.

Here’s another frame, too, as a bonus!


New Demo Reel

Brand new demo reel, featuring my backgrounds and character designs for animation, as well as traditional figure drawings.